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Established in 1987, Jones Engineering has become renowned for it's innovative design and robust engineering. Our company policy is one of continuous development and improvement.

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We are constantly expanding and diversifying our product range to keep us at the cutting edge of the changing standards and requirements of the agricultural industry.

Used Equipment

We also stock a large range of second hand used equipment that has been fully serviced & restored, this offers our clients great savings when not purchasing new is an option.

Latest News

Our team of over 20 employees deliver excellent levels of customer service and provide advice to our customers, contact us today for assistance with any enquiries.

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Our team of over 20 employees deliver excellent levels of customer service and provide advice to our customers, contact us today for assistance with any enquiries.

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Welcome to Jones Engineering

Jones Engineering are a family owned company specialising in manufacturing vegetable machinery, Starting out with potato toppers in 1987 we now do the whole range from land preparation to harvesting including irrigation.

All our machines are renowned for innovative design and robust manufacture.

Using versatile manufacturing techniques our machines can be tailor made to suit your requirements and by selling direct you receive the most responsive, immediate service and value for money. 

Latest News

Latest Used Equipment

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